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Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

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A compost comprising of wheat straw, horse and chicken manure, which is free of weeds and pathogens. Before we collect the Mushroom Compost  the mushroom farm steam sterilised the compost  which removes any pests,diseases or weed seed. Mushroom compost is an excellent soil conditioner, especially on a heavy clay soil. It improves the soil structure by creating larger pore spaces and increasing the organic matter content, which in turn improves oxygen diffusion and water holding capacity encouraging root growth. It has a slow release fertilizing effect and contains most of the major and minor nutrients. Mushroom compost works well both as a mulch and dug over into the soil. It is best applied around early Spring and Autumn, on an annual basis, before planting so that the growing plants can make the most of it.

Why do I need compost?

The secret to a healthy and thriving plant is a balance and nutrient-rich soil. For example, fruit and vegetables require lots of nutrients from compost. This is because the plants not only need to be strong and healthy, they also need to taste good too which places more demands on the compost used to grow them in. Maintaining nutrients levels in your soils is vital if you are to grow healthy plants.

The best time to fertilize your garden is in the spring. During this period, the plants start flowering again and then they can use a little boost. During the summer, growth will experirence a certain slowdown and come to complete halt in the winter. For this reason, it is best not to give any more fertilizer during the autumnn and winter. 

Benefits of compost - a fertile soil is the best guarantee for years of garden pleasure, so that is certainly a reason to use compost. Compost improves the soil structure, prevents soil erosion, gives plants as natural defense mechanism against soil diseases, improves root growth, increases the water reserve in sandy soils, provides the plants with the necessary nutrients.

Note: Mushroom compost slightly increases the pH of soil and is therefore unsuitable for ericaceous plants (e.g. Camellias and azaleas).

For loose loads the lorry dimensons are H - 4.05m, L - 9.6m, W 3.3m, please make sure there is enough access for the lorry.

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What our customers say

Thank you for the good service provided when I ordered new turf to create a lawn. It arrived promptly and was off loaded onto my property where it was very accessible for me. The turf was super - not a weed in sight. I am told not to worry about the fungus that subsequently appeared. I have done as you advised and cut the turf and can't see any at the moment. Time will tell. All in all I think I have bought a good product at a good price compared to other suppliers. Again, time will tell.

Thank you.

Pamela Crampton